Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Main Stream Media is still our enemy

Reposted as history. Originally posted in January of 2005.

If you listen to the main stream media, you may well be missing a major story in the making. We are about to see a democracy arise before our very eyes in Iraq. However our media pudits cannot see it. They only see the evil they feel America does, and they sometimes have to change facts to claim someting is our fault. Another thing they miss is the blatant liberal bias they exhibit. Thomas Sowell is a great writer. In this article he lays out the case against our press reporters with his usual calm logic.

Fourth estate or fifth column
Thomas Sowell - January 25, 2005 -

Since terrorists are pouring into Iraq in response to calls from international terrorist networks, the number of those who are killed is especially important, for these are people who will no longer be around to launch more attacks on American soil. Iraq has become a magnet for enemies of the United States, a place where they can be killed wholesale, thousands of miles away.

John Podhoretz makes a similar point in this editorial for the New York Post. His take, "Anti-Bush partisans (in the press) — both Democrats and Leftist ideologues — understand that if the elections are seen as a triumph, they will be seen as Bush's triumph, and they cannot stomach it."

We are winning in Iraq. The key question is whether we can win fast enough that the liberal press does not throw away another victory like they did in Vietnam. Does that make them a fifth column?


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