Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tell a lawyer joke, go to jail?

Reposted as history. Originally posted in January of 2005.

Pair arrested outside Long Island courthouse
The Associated Press

"MEPSTEAD, N.Y. - Did you hear the one about the two guys arrested for telling lawyer jokes?

It happened this week to the founders of a group called Americans for Legal Reform, who were waiting in line to get into a Long Island courthouse."

People often react negatively when I tell them we have one of the most corrupt court systems in the world. I can only assume they do not read the news. Articles like this speak repeatedly of the frequent use of the court system to punish any who do not kowtow to the unelected demagogues in our courts.

Only if this particular case becomes well known will it be handled fairly. Otherwise these two individuals will be added to the long list of people mangled by the American system of extortion and injustice. Even our legislatures are subject to the court system abuse, primarily because so many representatives are a part of the lawyer lobby. Where are the Supreme Court Justices when the court system is used to destroy people gratuitously? Missing in action. Even the ones who are jokingly referred to as "non activists". All of them are activist judges when it comes to protecting their illegally usurped powers.


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