Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Soviets Had the KGB
Al Qaeda Has the NYT

by Mac Johnson - January 2nd, 2006 - Human Events

America spends $40 billion per year on intelligence operations aimed at discovering our enemies’ secret activities. All our enemies have to do is subscribe to the New York Times and, for as little as $4.65 per week, they can discover most of our secret operations -- at least as long as a Republican is President.

Recently we had the delightful experience of seeing a reporter go to jail for the arrogant belief that they are above the law. Reporters believe that the first amendment gives them an exemption from our laws. They can knowingly lie, as Dan Rather did, and there are no consequences. They can refuse to testify in a criminal case, as Judith Miller did, and there are no consequences . . . oops . . . what happened here? Judith Miller spent 85 days in jail. That was not supposed to happen. She only got out because she decided that maybe she should testify after all.

The above is an excellent article about the current situation at the New York Times, describing the numerous examples of where they have actively worked to harm our currently elected officials because they are not the ones the New York Times thinks should have been elected. If Americans involved in the war against Islamofascism happen to die, well that is just the price some have to pay for The New York Times making sure democrats win the next election.

The most important line in the article to me is, "The convicted spy Aldrich Ames sits in a Federal Prison today for communicating some of our dearest secrets to the Soviet Union. Perhaps his real crime was forgetting to “CC” the New York Times on those communications. It is time to stop treating the media elite as though they have the right to ignore without consequence any law that gets in the way of a journalistic scoop or a political agenda."


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