Sunday, December 25, 2005

Campus Left To Christians, Conservatives: SHUT UP!

by Mark Tapscott (contact ) - Dec 24, 2005 -

Scratch many of the administrators in charge on American campuses these days and you often find a neo-Stalinist who has no hesitation about suppressing views that deviate from leftist orthodoxy.


Take California State University at San Bernadino, for example, where administrators refuse to charter the Christian Students Association because the group thinks its members should be professing Christians.


As ADF’s Tedesco points out, “university officials would never require that the student vegetarian club allow meat eaters or hunters . . .

Interesting phrase, neo-Salinist. It actually seems more fitting than the usual appropriate labels for many on the left these days. The left is composed of two groups, moral and patriotic "liberals" like Christopher Hitchens, and global "socialists" like Howard Dean. However even the global socialists seem to come in two flavors. Both are virulently anti-American, but one groups seems more willing to abuse their own beliefs in going after their opponents. I cannot disagree with labeling this group neo-Salinists. It seems to fit.

This is a great article and definitely worth reading.

The left is taking us closer to 1984 than many could imagine. If you doubt it, try this link, "Police tell Christian couple view on gays 'close to hate crime'"

This article talks about intimidation reported as "Police questioned a retired couple for 80 minutes about their “homophobic” views after they asked their local council if they could display their Christian literature next to gay rights leaflets, it was reported last night."

How can this be described as anything but neo-Stalinist?


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