Wednesday, December 14, 2005

L.A.'s Underground Cash

Study finds employers ignore payroll laws for 15% of county workers

By Beth Barrett - December 13, 2005 - Los Angeles Daily News

Los Angeles County's underground cash economy is expanding rapidly, eroding the work force and sapping an estimated $2 billion a year from city, state and federal coffers, according to a key finding in a major regional report scheduled to be released today.
Driven by what the report authors call economic desperation, the region's cash-only work force has grown about 5 percent in the past four years to nearly 680,000 workers - nearly half of them in the city of Los Angeles alone. They account for about 15 percent of the total Los Angeles County work force, according to the report on a Milken Institute study titled the "Los Angeles Economy Project."

The report mentioned in the article above is very evasive about the driving force behind this problem. The problem is that illegal immigration is now dominating Los Angeles and all of California's social problems. Spanish is rapidly becoming the language of choice. Criminals flood up from Mexico, stealing, raping and even killing American citizens. This does not alter the fact that illegals are coddled by the socialist dominated governments of the region. It is not a matter of hispanic opposition. Some of the most angry citizens are Americans of hispanic descent. The flood of illegals are publicly proclaiming their intent to take California back and make it a part of Mexico.

We are not just at war with terrorists. We are at war with Mexico. It is simply an undeclared war with only one side involved. It is a Mexican invasion defended by the democratic party and immigration groups within our nation. Why is this being tolerated?


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