Friday, December 16, 2005

Bertie County Schools Discussion Moved To 'Inner Banks Eagle'

The following is an article I posted on the Bertie County Patriot, explaining why I have moved some of the articles (not all, just my articles containing my opinions) talking about the Bertie County BOE attempts to close some of our schools. The proponents of this action have attacked me with the argument that I am being partisan by disagreeing with them. Since they are supposed to be non-partisan, how is it that if you disagree with them, they attack you as being partisan? Does that not prove that they are breaking the rules and being partisan?

I am opposed to closing John Paige Law Elementary School in Merry Hill. The reason is that I believe in community schools. I believe that school consolidation has been used all over this nation to the detriment of our children. This school should not be closed. How is that partisan?

I believe the history of discrimination has to be ended. I do not believe there is any reasoned argument that Bertie County government is discriminating against minorities, nor has it for years. I also believe that the races must learn to work together for a better society for all. How is that partisan?

I abhor the use of our unelected federal judges to rule local governments. That has been the practice all over the nation for most of the last 35 years under desegregation cases. Bertie County is one of the last 3 counties in North Carolina where a federal judge is being used by forces within our education community to order actions that the people of Bertie County would not and do not support. Why is this case still active? Why are we not allowed to decide within our local community how to educate our children? How is a belief in representative democracy partisan?

One of the most fascinating aspects of life is how different people perceive things differently. I have been assured by numerous people (all of them my opponents) that all of my beliefs above are in fact partisan. If they believe that ..... then that perception must be dealt with, even if I disagree with their conculsion.

It has been my policy and intent since I started the Patriot Blogs for our local area, that the Patriot Blogs would be used just for public information and community service. Only the Inner Banks Eagle would have my political thoughts and personal opinions. Therefore as a courtesy to my opponents I have moved all my articles about the Schools and Board of Education issues over to the Inner Banks Eagle [Where we are now].

This is not over. The discussion will continue. See you [Here].

And here we are. As I said, the discussion will continue. I do not believe there is anything partisan about supporting community schools. I do believe that the actions of the Bertie County Board of Education are both partisan and bad education policy as well. Spending money for schools we do not need is not just a waste of taxpayer money, it results in money being taken away from our children.


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