Thursday, December 22, 2005

Why Blogs Matter

This posting has limited time in which it will be easy to follow the hyperlink . The link on the title above will take you to the Powerline blog main page, which currently has the discussion I mention below, but which will shortly be changed. If you get to Powerline and the top posting is not "A Colloquy With the Times", search their blog site for that article by either scrolling down, or if it is not still on their "current" postings, check in their archive.

A Colloquy With the Times
By John Hinderaker - December 21, 2005 - Powerline

Reporter Eric Lichtblau of the New York Times responded to the email I sent earlier today; we had the following exchange.

The exchange that follows on Powerline is an amazing revelation. This posting by blogging supersite Powerline provides all the evidence needed to explain why the world of news has changed with the advent of blogs. Two years ago, reporters would just ignore blogs, and I suspect that John Hinderaker would never have gotten a response from Eric Lichtblau of the New York Times . Today, reporters know that they have to at least be courteous to bloggers ..... at least the really successful ones like Powerline.

Click on the title above to read a great article about the deception of the New York Times, the islamofascists number one cheerleader. Lichtblau has mislead New York Times readers by releasing top secret information to inform the islamofascists of a secret spy capability aimed solely at them. He both claims it is being abused, something for which he offers no evidence, and claims it is illegal when it has already been approved by the courts. Right now you are hearing from the main stream media a hatchet job attack claiming it is illegal, and quoting anyone (usually liberal democrats) who disapproves. Hinderaker quotes the case law that shows the liberal media campaign for what it is. Without blogs, you would never know the truth.


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