Monday, December 19, 2005

U.S. 'Winning The War In Iraq,' Bush Says

By Joseph Curl - December 19, 2005 - The Washington Times
President Bush, addressing Americans from the Oval Office for the first time since he took the nation to war nearly three years ago, defiantly declared last night that "not only can we win the war in Iraq -- we are winning the war in Iraq."


But with Democrats aligned in opposition to nearly every move he makes in Iraq and advocating immediate withdrawal of all U.S. forces there, the president asked skeptical Americans to remain patient and reject despair.

My reaction to the speech was positive. My reaction to this article, and most of the coverage I have seen, "when did liberals in America reach the point that they cheer for our defeat?" There is a great quote that came out right after the speech while the "deconstructing" of the speech by the press was still going on.

Blogger Stephanie Plum posted, "I heard some 'expert' on Fox analyzing the body language and criticizing the way the President used his hands during the speech. Absolutely sickening ... this is not a game, folks, this is not political, this is real and our way of life is at stake, regardless of how you are registered to vote !!"

Stephanie has it right. Liberal democrats are treating this war, and the possibility that we could be attacked with nuclear bombs, with the same cavalier attitude they held all during the 90s. It was that attitude that got us 9/11. Any intelligent person can see that the islamofascists are trying to get nuclear bombs, and the more Iraq type governments that exist in the world, the more certain it is that we will see them going off in American cities.

George W. Bush said before the Iraq war, "we cannot wait until Iraq is an imminent threat". Those who support the war in Iraq as a part of the war against the islamofascists recognize this is true. Those who insist that we have to wait until someone is an imminent threat are advocating suicide. I will not join them.


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