Friday, December 23, 2005

Hollywood Hooey

'Munich,' 'Syriana' peddle left's usual cliches

Editorial - December 23, 2005 - San Diego Union-Tribune
There's much talk of Bush being in a "bubble" that keeps him from hearing any bad news. There may be something to this, but the Bush bubble doesn't compare to the huge one housing what Hollywood likes to call its "creative community." The tired, cliché-driven product of this community can be found at a theater near you.

It is important to keep talking about this. In the last 5 years the Hollywood lie machine has lost public support of a major part of American society. As a result, movie attendence has fallen in 4 of the last 5 years. "Red states" no longer buy the "cliche'-driven" attacks on our society. It is important for the people in America to know these two movies, 'Munich' and 'Syriana', are total lies.

'Munich' tries to sell the premise that Israel's retaliation for butchering 11 of their athletes was no different morally than the Palestinians butchery itself.

'Syriana' tries to sell the idea that the CIA is supporting the evil regines of the middle east rather than supporting those who are seeking democracy.

All you have to do to know that both are totalling wrong is read anything Christopher Hitchens has written in the last couple of years. Hitchens may be the last liberal with a conscience left in America. He certainly has not bought into the anti-American hysteria that is driving Hollywood.

For that, he is now a target of the left wing fanatics.


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