Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Alberto Gonzales is being smeared

Reposted as history. Originally posted in February of 2005.

The democrats are still fighting vigorously to maintain their control of the U.S. court system and its ability to legislate their agenda without support of the people. Afraid that Alberto Gonzales is being groomed for a position on the Supreme Court, they are trying to defame him and tarnish his reputation now so they can stop him later. This article describes their efforts.

Democrats flash steel on Gonzales
Gail Russell Chaddock - Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor - 2/1/2005
........"We heard from democracy activists all over the world distraught by the US record on detainees. They are saying: 'What can we say to our own governments if the US has authorized its military to take such actions against civilians?' " says Elisa Massimino, director of the Washington office of Human Rights First, formerly the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, which is opposing the Gonzales nomination.
Civilians? Democracy activists? The people on the left have a socialist anti-American agenda which is based on never ackowledging that any terrorist opposed to America is anything but a "civilian" and that all socialists are called "democracy activists". The end result is that you can't accept anything they say as truthful. What is suprising is the open acceptance of this anti-American, leftist agenda by the Democratic party.

What they are complaining about is a memo that Gonzales did not write. He asked for the opinion of the Justice department and they wrote the memo at issue. The conclusions of the memo were not "authorized" as this socialist Massimino blithely claims. Their argument is that soldiers in Iraq, who never read the memo, or even heard about it, were influenced by the so called "environment" it created.

Just as the lie that Bush said the the danger of WMD in Iraq was "imminent" became a leftist "truth", repeated endlessly, we are now seeing the lie that Gonzales "authorized" Abu Ghraib as a constant refrain. When Democrats repeatedly adopt and embrace the agenda of the world's still powerful anti-American socialist movement, how can you believe that they remain a loyal opposition?


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