Monday, February 13, 2006

Ukraine, Iraq and Washington State

Reposted as history. Originally posted in February of 2005.

Who would have thought Washington would finish dead last?
By Bob Williams - Evergreen Freedom Foundations - Dated 2/14/2005
Despite threats from the terrorists, years of brutal war and no history of conducting free and fair elections, a provisional government only seven months old conducted an orderly election. With the aid of U.S. troops, the turnout was higher than expected, as was the level of transparency and legitimacy.

When the democrats in Florida were busy "voting" for the people who had not properly cast their ballots, they screamed with rage when it was suggested that only valid votes should count. It was suspicious in the extreme that with every recount, more and more George Bush ballots were spoiled, and more and more ballots for Al Gore were "found".

Their outrage increased when it was suggested that what they were doing was stealing an election.

Washington State democrats did not learn the lesson, or maybe they learned the lesson that they found important. It has been well documented that King County irregularities are clearly the reason for the election of a democrat governor, who lost on the first two vote counts. We now have proof positive that if you allow local county democrat officials enough recounts, they will always find the democrat "won".

Bob Williams explains here how Iraq runs a fair election. America needs to learn the same lesson if democracy is going to retain the respect of the people.


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