Thursday, February 09, 2006

All Right, I Insulted Americans –
But They Are Not Planning To Behead Me

by Anatole Kaletsky - February 09, 2006 - The London Times (OnLine)
LAST WEEK I devoted this space to a diatribe against George W. Bush, conjoined with a paean of praise for the American system and Alan Greenspan, the retiring Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. The purpose of the article was to discuss the genius of a nation whose economy, culture and spirit of public service could operate so successfully, despite — or perhaps because of — such doltishly incompetent leadership from its top politicians.

Very interesting article. The title gives a clue to the ultimate tone, but it is written by someone whose support for socialism and general anti-American positions would not have led you to expect the reasonableness of the conclusions. It provides some insight into the harm to islamofascism caused by the "Cartoon" riots. It is in fact, an article that shows admiration for America and what makes us great.


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