Monday, February 06, 2006

Tweaking Noses

Reposted as history. Originally posted in February of 2005.

With George Bush's repeat victory, everyone on the right is having fun at the reaction on the left. George just seems to have a knack of saying and doing things that make people on the left go crazy. To see perfect examples all you have to do is replay some of Ted Kennedy's speeches of the last couple of weeks.

But George is not alone in having the knack of saying things that make the left go crazy. Charles Krauthammer does a pretty good job in the article
here from a couple of days ago, and he doesn't even make fun of them. He simply describes things like the democrats reaction to voting in Iraq ..... with venom.
Another suicide bomber, reported Iraq's interior minister, was a child with Down syndrome. There are no words for the depths of such depravity, sending an innocent to murder innocents, dressing this poor child in explosives and then leading him to his slaughter. These are the people whom Michael Moore, avatar of the Democratic left, calls the "Minutemen." These are the people who Ted Kennedy, spokesman for the Democratic left, says are in a battle with the United States for "the hearts and minds of the people." This is both stupid and pernicious.
The Iraqis have earned a little respect. When will the democrats start to give them credit instead of honoring the terrorists? Don't they see how crazy that makes them look?

If you enjoy laughing at the democratic predicament though you have to read Mark Steyn in the article
here. Steyn has always mixed his criticism of the left with humor. He describes the democratic reaction to the state of the union by George Bush.
Democrat Senate colossus Harry Reid -- who makes Tom Daschle look like Reese Witherspoon -- said in his first major speech of the week, "With yesterday's elections in Iraq, President Bush has a golden opportunity to change course,'' which means . . . well, to be honest, I haven't a clue what it means. But it sounds a lot like Reid's terrific speech from June 1944: "With yesterday's successful D-Day landings, General Eisenhower now has a golden opportunity to change course and surrender."
We will not surrender. We will win. We are winning, even though it will remain tough, hard, deadly work. Except for Joe Lieberman, can you name one democrat who seems happy we are winning? It seems that democrats do not think Americans are still capable of winning tough fights. It almost seems their mantra is, "if it isn't easy, we quit". That is crazy. What can you do but shake your head in amazement?

Why can democrats not see how that reaction appears to most Americans? Do they not feel their noses being tweaked?


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