Thursday, February 02, 2006

What bloggers have wrought

Reposted as history. Originally posted in February of 2005.

Welcome to Jesusland Journalism School, Dan Rather
Mary Katharine Ham - February 1, 2005 -

There’s a big debate right now in the blogosphere about whether the CBS investigation was a whitewash. It does have the mark of Tom Sawyer’s paintbrush on it, but the important part is that everyone knows that.

Rathergate revealed and the investigation has reinforced that CBS is no longer in charge of the truth. They can “defend” and “conclude” until Rather runs out of pithy expressions, but it won’t change what everyone knows—that the documents were fakes and CBS and Rather were motivated by political bias.

That’s what happened when the Internet suddenly turned national media into a small-town newspaper, subject to the concerns, criticism and accountable to the abundant knowledge of its own readers.

Welcome to the blogosphere, where the MSM (that's "main stream media" to those new to blogs) is shocked to find "letters to the editor" are unfiltered, un-edited and ALWAYS published. Those who read blogs spread truth with the lightning speed of email and hyperlinks. The blog community determines truth, not some overpaid editor or producer. If you write something good, it will spread like wildfire. If you make a mistake, your inbox fills with severe criticism at the same speed and other blogs will cream you with great gusto. Rather still does not know what hit him, but he will go down in history as a biased partisan liar. Not the reputation he wanted, but what he deserves for sure.


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