Thursday, March 02, 2006

Believing The True Believers

Thomas Sowell - March 1, 2005 -

I have always felt that Thomas Sowell is an amazing writer. Some people explain things in such a clear and compelling way that even if you disagee before you start reading, you change your mind by the time you finish. Thomas is one of these great writers. Here he addersses the issue of campus activism, a problem that is growing worse as our campuses are more and more dominated by administrations who cave in to any form of socialist protest.

Violating my New Year's resolution to stop trying to reason with unreasonable people, I replied, asking if this man would feel all right, if he were a member of a jury, to vote after having heard only the prosecution's case or only the defendant's case. His reply was that he would -- if the people presenting one side of the case were people he knew and trusted.

This article is an excellent explanation of the illogic used by many in support of their political beliefs. When you no longer listen to the other side, democracy starts to fall apart. That has long been the agenda of those who advocate socialism for our nation. They have a famous saying, one man, one vote, one time. That is how they see democracy, as a temporary expedient to getting socialists into power.


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