Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Pirates of Eminent Domain

Reposted as history. Originally posted in March of 2005.

Jeff Jacoby - February 28, 2005 -

"The despotic power . . . of taking private property when state necessity requires, exists in every government," Justice William Paterson wrote in a 1795 case, Vanhorn's Lessee v. Dorrance, but the state must not invoke that power "except in urgent cases."
If you think this is still the law 210 years after the eminent domain limitation on government was embraced as one of our freedoms, you are in for a surprise. Totalitarians have been chipping away our freedoms for years. Judges have long since abandoned any concern with our liberties and are totally concerned with their political agenda. However the total collapse of the right to live in your home without fear of some government bureaucrat seeking to steal it has arrived. All the bureaucrat needs to prove is that one of his cronies will create greater tax revenues. If you don't think that is justice you need to do two things. Read this article. Then write your Senator and congressman very very soon!


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