Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Change U.S. Law On Anchor Babies

By Al Knight - 06/22/2005 - Denver Post

Anchor babies, for those not yet familiar with the term, is the description given to babies of illegal immigrants who are delivered in the United States. These babies, under current interpretation of U.S. law, automatically become U.S. citizens and most qualify immediately for a variety of benefits, including Medicaid. Over time, they can open the door to citizenship to other family members.

The important word here is interpretation. As usual the courts have not "interpreted" the law, they have made new law by perverting the Constitution and granting "rights" to illegal aliens.

Proof is the following reality. If a child is born here to a citizen of a foreign country, and the parent was sent here by that country legally, their child is NOT a U.S. citizen. I repeat, the child of a Mexican diplomat born here does not become a citizen. However if the Mexican parent is here ILLEGALLY, then the child becomes a citizen .... according to democrat Judges. Even if it is the clear policy of that foreign country to invade us, the child is a citizen.

This "right" was created by a liberal judge from San Antonio Texas, who was an activist in granting rights to illegal aliens. He was a Mexican "immigrant" who was himself a racist hater of "gringos"

Whether the invasion is for economic reasons (and a slow motion "reconquista" as is happening) or open invasion should be an issue for political debate to decide. Granting these invaders citizenship should be a political decision, since the parents are here illegally. However our tyrannical judges have decided they are a totalitarian power and the legislature cannot decide the issue. The courts have removed this power from the legislature and seized it for their personal perogatives. It is in liberal judges interest to protect these illegals since they vote democrat.

This arrogant usurption of power is un-Constitutional. Since the legislatures are dominated by lawyers nothing will ever be done to stop the seizure of totalitarian power by the courts. As a citizen you are powerless. Only lawyers and judges have a say when the legislature is emasculated by judges and lawyers.

The writer of this article says that the law must be changed and the courts have ruled legislature cannot change it. Welcome to America 2005.


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