Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Air America: Stealing From Poor Kids?!

By Michelle Malkin - July 27, 2005 -

Air America is being investigated in New York for diverting federal/local funds--possibly "hundreds of thousands of dollars"--meant for inner-city kids and seniors into the station's coffers.

Have you heard of Air America? It is composed of Al Franken and other noted liberals. They are forming a new broadcast network under the premise that the MSM is too conservative. (ABC and CNN are too conservative?)

To fund their new network, Air America has apparently taken money meant to be spent on poor kids. Now the group is arguing that though they don't have to pay it back, they will. However they haven't yet. Al Franken is rich. Why can't he come up with the money?

There are some great links in Michelle's article that really show how deep the corruption in this scandal goes.

Another good editorial on the same topic from the Washington Times can be found here.


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