Saturday, July 02, 2005

How Radicals In Robes Seized The Judiciary

By Thomas Roeser - July 2, 2005 - Chicago Sun Times

At important periods in history the court has erred. In Dred Scott it ruled that blacks were not citizens based on the founders' original intent -- but President Lincoln correctly pointed out that when the constitution was written ''in five of the then 13 states, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and North Carolina, free Negroes were voters and, in proportion to their numbers had the same part in making the Constitution that the white people had.''

It took a war to change things and since then, at certain times (including our own), the court has been a disruptive bully, as with eminent domain that sides with the rich against the poor, and torturously confused, as in the Ten Commandments cases.

This article is an excellent portrayal of the real battle that is shaping up over our Superme Court. It is the battle, not between conservatives and liberals but between those who believe that the courts cannot make law, and those who are willing to turn our country over to the tyrants in black robes. It is a critical battle. If the "make law" proponents win, the legislature becomes more useless than it is today and representatvie democracy is the loser.

Alberto Gonazlez says that he agrees with those who restrict the courts to interpreting law. However those who oppose affirmative action are unhappy with the fact that he therefore supports laws they do not think should have been passed and they oppose him as a result. He hasn't even been appointed and they are attacking him. This proves they are not unhappy with an activist court, they just want a court that is activist for their positions. This is a duplicity I will not support.

This is also the greatest risk of the current battle. Republicans must not let it become a battle over politics. If the unelected courts become our rulers, Kelo (the decision that government can take your house) has proved that only the rich and powerful win. Since twice as many rich support liberals and democrats (a truth democrats still don't want to accept), that leaves Repulicans the losers.


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