Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Supremely Absurd

by John Podhoretz - June 28th, 2005 - New York Post
Basically, says Justice David Souter, the only way to tell whether your Ten Commandments display is allowable is by putting it up in a state building, getting sued and having some judge make a ruling on it.

That is a correct assessment of these supreme court rulings on the Ten Commandments. That is the exact meaning of many of the rulings we have seen in recent years. The supreme court justices are not fools though. They have a clear and obvious intent to these rulings. It is not liberal. It is not conservative. It is totalitarian.

To think they truly meant these rulings to be anything else, you would have to think that they really meant the following to be possible; "Thus, along with all its many powers, the Supreme Court has now granted the American judiciary the power to read minds and discern feelings from a distance."

They don't really think judges can read minds or discern feelings. They just think we are so stupid we will believe they can. They aren't fools. They think we are.


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