Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Media Madness

Cheney Shooting Overkill, Cartoon Cowardice

by Mary Laney - February 20th, 2006 - Chicago Sun-Times
There is a lot of big news about to come out. More tape recordings made of Saddam Hussein and his advisers soon will be translated and released. We may find out whether Iraq actually did have weapons of mass destruction and if they were moved prior to our invasion there.

However, instead of focusing on this, the news has been filled with stories on how Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot his friend with birdshot while hunting quail.

This is exactly the kind of article that explains why conservatives cringe when they try and read a newspaper or listen to TV today. The political correct liberals have so brainwashed America that the average reader thinks what is printed in the New York Times or reported on CBS News, actually is what is news. Conservatives don't believe any of it. Most conservatives today have some other sources of news and the dichotomy makes us cynical about everything we hear. I doubt I have read a real newspaper 5 times in the last year. It is always a paper someone else bought and I have to be really really bored to take the time. It is always a pack of lies.

The list of transgressions by the islamofascists listed in this article is amazing. Do the anti-war anti-American anti-Bush "Michael Moore Democrats" think that they can just ignore the evil perpetrated against us and any real American will buy it? To read or listen to the MSM, the left thinks we are the bad guys. No wonder there is no communication between the left and the right. We don't even agree on the definition of evil.


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