Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Media lynch mob tries to out-blog the bloggers (and fails miserably)

Reposted as history. Originally posted in February of 2005.

Jack Kelly - Jewish World Review - Feb. 15, 2005

But the key fact is not that Eason Jordan is now looking for work, but that bloggers were trying to uncover the truth about what he said, while "professional journalists" were trying to suppress it. For us, the "people's right to know"— which we invoke in self-righteous tones when we're prying into the private lives of people who are not journalists — takes a back seat to protecting the reputations of members of our club.
As a blogger, I have to spread awareness of this article (Sorry if I am grinning). If you are not a blogger this article is a handy summary of the latest skirmish in what is becoming a real knock down drag out war over truth. You might want to click here and read the story to get caught up before reading my comments.

This conflict is between the MSM (blogger shorthand for Main Stream Media) and bloggers (what the MSM calls "salivating morons" or "sons of Senator McCarthy"). Doesn't it seem the MSM have lost the command of creative writing they are supposed to be so good at if all they can do is hurl ad hominem insults?

A blogger on Lucianne, one of the pioneer blog sites along with Drudge Report, came up with a great quote describing the frustration many bloggers feel about the MSM. "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." — Voltaire.

This has been the problem with the MSM for a long time. Reporters have long since ceased to conduct a search for the truth and until recently have waged a campaign of propaganda aimed at selling the leftist preferences of the MSM.

However the amazing thing is how little the MSM understands the phenomenon that blogs and blogging has brought about. We are not going away. We are just getting more pervasive. The more prevasive we get, the more truthful reporters will have to be. The reporters are going to have to come to grips with this before we get more of their scalps.

Kelly says on behalf of the MSM reporters, "We feel about bloggers the way Custer must have felt when he charged that village at the Little Big Horn, and discovered it was much, much bigger than he'd imagined it to be. The bloggers' wigwam is large, and growing. There is plenty of room on the lodgepole for more scalps."

I think most bloggers love the characterization of being scalp hunters. A common quote of B movie westerns comes to mind, "The Tom Toms are beating for war". It is really really fun being a part of a war party! Can I wear war paint?


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