Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Radio Free America

Editorial - June 25th, 2007 - Investor's Business Daily

First Amendment: Sen. Dianne Feinstein and the liberal left have a problem with unfettered free speech on talk radio and are calling for government regulation. Is it because in the marketplace of ideas they're bankrupt?

First we had McCain-Feingold creating black out periods where those who were politically disfavored had their free speech rights trampled by Federal Election goons who would get injunctions to stop just those groups that the officials were against. As usual with corrupt bureaucracies in this world where most bureaucrats are democrats, groups that were favored by democrats never seemed to need to have injunctions against them.

At the same time it is reported
here that the Supreme Court finally got around to stopping this contemptible practice (by the slim margin of 5 to 4) democrats are ready to strip our rights again with a new law limiting free speech. 5 to 4 was the bare majority view that free speech is still allowed by our Constitution. 5 to 4 is not law. That is politics. It is frightening to think we can have our free speech rights stripped with the change of a single justice.

This "fairness doctrine" issue the democrats are pushing now is an example of why socialism is always evil. Democrats are rushing down the road to totalitarian abuse faster than anyone would have predicted and rationalizing it as "fairness". Once they get back the "fairness doctrine", they will be able to control public discourse. Tyrants have always known the first thing you do is control speech to control a people. Democrats want to control us . . . for our own good of course.

The end of this editorial is more powerful if you read the whole article, but I love it anyway; "The liberal mantra seems to be: We disagree with what you say and will defend to the death our right to restrict it."


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