Monday, July 16, 2007

The Nifong Sexual Assault
Wall Of Shame

by Mike Adams - July 14th, 2007 -

Several years ago, I made a funding request for a new Men’s Resource Center (MRC) at UNC-Wilmington. This was largely in response to the establishment of a Women’s Resource Center (WRC) here on our predominantly female campus. Back then, I made the request on the grounds of Equal Protection. Today, I renew my request in light of recent attacks on male college students in North Carolina – all at the hands of dangerous sexual predators.

As you all know, Mike Nifong recently helped an emotionally disturbed woman levy a false rape accusation against some innocent college students at Duke University. This was done in order to win votes and sympathy from the black community in Durham, North Carolina. His decision to prosecute a demonstrably false rape case in order to gratify his own political desires - even if his misconduct causes permanent psychological damage to his victims – renders him morally equivalent, in many ways, to an actual rapist. For that reason I will hereafter refer to Mike Nifong as a sexual predator.

Mike Adams is the master of satire. What he points out in this article (in a funny way to anyone with a sense of humor) is the outrageous lack of equal protection under the law that exists in our increasingly tyrannical society. Women make up the majority of society. It turns out that women make up the majority of the students at UNC-Wilmington where Mike teaches also. However under the guise of "minority" rights, women at UNCW are provided with a separate Women's Resource Center while men are banned from having a similar facility.

What is really ironic is that the "women" who control this resource center are advocating an anti-male hate-mongering program of "feminism" that is not even supported by the majortiy of women. It includes a program to charge various men with rape even when there is evidence no rape occured. Their argument is that ALL MEN are guilty of rape, so these false accusations still serve a purpose.

It is this legally premitted double standard that has resulted in boys in our society starting to fall behind and suffer from the same kind of persecution complex that other disfavored groups have suffered. Rather than be outraged that a double standard exists, many women feel it is simply justice that they "get their turn on top". So no concern at the injustice seeps into their feelings. Noe at all.

Many men fought for the end to gender based discrimination by government. Now these men and especially their sons are finding that we did not end discrimination. We just swapped if for government legislated discrimination in favor of women.


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