Monday, July 09, 2007

How Stem Cells Can Turn Tummy Flab
Into A Bigger Bust

By Sean Poulter - July 9th, 2007 - Daily Mail (London)

Scientists say they have perfected a procedure to take fat from around the middle and turn it into bigger breasts.

While reading the Daily Mail for an article hyperlinked from a favorite blog site, I noticed this article of interest on the ongoing debate about the difference between adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells. It has long been noted in the responsible press that they are two different things. That means you will never see the difference discussed in America's MSM.

Unless it has happened quite recently, there still has not been any practical medical procedure based on embryonic stem cells. The new procedure discussed in this article (which may well become popular as a replacement for breast implants) is based on ADULT stem cells. This is just one of around 30 practical medical procedures that have been based on adult stem cells. Many are now becoming standard medical processes.

That difference justifies bringing it to my audience's attention for two reasons. One is it proves the unnecessary justification of embryonic stem cell research so beloved by the "pro-choice" women's movement as an attack on conservatives. Feminists conveniently ignore that it is only embryonic stem cell research which is opposed by conservatives. Conservatives are not opposed to adult stem cell research and welcome it. The other reason is more personal. I cannot deny that anything that increases female beauty in the world is appealling. I like women.


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