Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Revolt On Illegal Immigration

By Victor Davis Hanson - July 5th, 2007 - Real Clear Politics

This writer of this article gives an example of middle of the road logic on what is happening in America on the issue of illegal immigration. From Hanson's article:

Were the government to enforce laws already passed - fine employers for hiring illegal aliens, actually build the approved fences, beef up the border patrol, issue verifiable identification - we would then soon be dealing with a static population of illegal aliens. And that pool would insidiously shrink, not annually grow.

Some of the 12 million here illegally would willingly return home. Some with criminal records could be deported. Some would marry U.S. citizens. Some could be given work visas. Some could apply for earned citizenship.

The point is that our formidable powers of assimilation would finally catch up and have time to work on a population that would be at last fixed, quantifiable and identifiable. As aliens were more readily integrated with the general citizen population, Spanish would evolve into a helpful second, not a single alternate, language. Wages would rise for workers already here - many of them soon to be Mexican-American citizens - without competition from a perpetual influx of illegal aliens who work more cheaply.

Mexico would be forced to deal with rather than export its own problems. Billions in earnings would stay in the United States to help our own entry-level and legal immigrants from Mexico, not be sent back as remittances to relatives.

In short, a savvy public is neither racist nor hysterical in wanting the border closed now. It's the only comprehensive solution to the present mess of illegal immigration.

Sound radical or racist to you? Liberals hold Hanson out as an extremist and racist right wing nut. But then any disagreement with the democrat party line is attacked as extremist and racist. The democratic party has ceased to use logic on anything. Their position on illegal immigration is just one example. The best description I have heard of democratic ledership actions on the immigration bill was to "give the American people the finger while calling us bigots." Funny, but they were joined by their arch enemy George W. Bush. Hasn't stopped them from insulting him with every other breath though.

I like the fact that wages would rise for our citizens and legal immigrants if our borders were controlled. Inflation is always a problem in the world's leading economy, something we still remain. However those business people who try to insist open borders are a necessity are not being honest. There are manageable ways to control inflation that do not cheat our citizens of a reasonable wage based on economic circumstances. Making every person in the world a citizen is the solution for the democratic party but not the right answer for our nation. That a small element in the Republican Party defends the business leaders who like cheap wages does not mean it is the preference among most Republicans. The vast majority of the Republican party wants these jobs to go to poor Americans first and want our borders controlled.

A rational plan to control our borders would be of primary benefit to our nation's poor, especially the black community. I still can not understand why black leaders who embrace amnesty and keeping our borders open pay no penalty in the community that is most harmed by their actions, their own community. Blacks are still disproportionatly poor and need the entry level jobs and the work experience that comes with it to move up into our middle class society. That is the goal. Everyone earning a living wage.

Free enterprise will accomplish this. Socialism, the democratic party solution, never will.


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