Thursday, June 28, 2007

Can You Save The Dream
That Was America?

by Douglas MacKinnon - June 28th, 2007 -

Six months ago, my novel “America’s Last Days,” was released. The novel fictionalized a revolution from within led by the former director of the FBI and the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who felt the nation was broken beyond repair . . . .


. . . as the far-left labors day and night to ensure that the millions of immigrants pouring into our nation – illegal and legal – don’t assimilate, that they guarantee the balkanization of what used to be the United States. Time and history have proven that the fate of multiethnic, multicultural countries is certain. They break-up and revolve around the gravitational pull of their native language, culture, and ideology.


More and more trends in the world are creating real fear that the natural optimism of Americans is being crushed for the first time in our history. There was a risk of this back in the 70s . . . and along came Ronald Reagan to restore the vision of our nation as a "shining city on a hill". That is what America is looking for again. Someone who can say, "this way back to the dream." What is amazing is that we have forgotten it is not the role of leaders alone.

YOU have to want it.

There were millions who wanted it . . . back when Reagan came along. Even back then there were millions who hated Reagan. He was attacked and villified unmercifully but he never backed down. However the ones who believed in the dream were still vocal about their vision. Reagan counted on them and their support. What I see that is different this time . . . we are allowing the extremists of the democrat party to intimidate us into backing down. People who believe in the dream are not supporting it because "they don't want to be confrontational."

Now is the time for people to get into the face of the liberals and end the intimidation.

I fear there is a coming nuclear holocaust here in America, caused by the willingness of radicals in Iran and Pakistan to provide nuclear bombs to the Islamofascists. That nuclear bombing will be the trigger for one of two things. A restoration of the American Dream through unity. Or the unraveling of a once great nation through bloodshed against each other.

Which do you want?


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