Friday, July 06, 2007

NC Legislative Black Caucus:
Open The Books

Editorial - July 3rd, 2007 - Winston-Salem Journal

It's time for the Legislative Black Caucus to open its foundation's books and let the public see what it's done with the approximately $900,000 in contributions it has collected over the last five years.

Thanks to political pressure, the public now knows that the foundation provided college scholarships to the relatives of five legislators, including those of Reps. Earline Parmon and Larry Womble.

Greensboro Rep. Alma Adams, in releasing the scholarship details, contended that all of the awards were based on academic merit and financial need. But if Womble can afford to drive a Ferrari on a retired educator's pension, how does his son qualify for a need-based scholarship to a state-supported university?

That's just one of the details about the caucus foundation that, simply stated, stink.

More and more evidence piles up that black leadership is more interested in living well and taking all the money they can get than helping the black community they claim to represent. Incredibly, Frank Balance is still lauded by NC's black leadership. When black leadership overwhelmingly supports the democrat party open-doors border policy that harms poor American citizens by taking their jobs, someone has to ask "Why?"

I think it is time for more people in the black community to listen to leaders like Bill Cosby and Angela McGlowan (author of Bamboozled). Getting a good education and a good job is the road to the American dream. Socialism (and welfare) is the road to political dependence (and corruption). Socialism is what the NC Black Caucus is focused on.


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