Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Absolutely Fabulist

by Ann Coulter - August 8th, 2007 -

In their latest demonstration of how much they love the troops, liberals have produced yet another anti-war hoax.

The New Republic has been running "true war" stories from a brave, anonymous liberal penning dispatches from Iraq. The famed "Baghdad Diarist" described his comrades joyfully using Bradley fighting vehicles to crush stray dogs, mocking a female whose face had been blown off by an IED, and defacing Iraqi corpses by wearing skull parts on their own heads.


In response to Beauchamp's revelation that he was the "Baghdad Diarist," the military opened an investigation into his allegations. There was no corroboration for his stories, and Beauchamp promptly signed an affidavit admitting that every single thing he wrote in The New Republic was a lie.

Ann writes with her usual sarcasm about the incredible situation where a liberal media power (The New Republic) attempts to con the American people with a series of lies promulgated as truth. After even liberal media groups acknowledge that the articles were lies, "The New Republic" continues to insist opponents are simply rejecting the truth out of conservative bias. They deny that their writer lied, even as the evidence is overwhelming.

Incredibly, the fact that Ann attacked them is now being used as proof that attacks against "The New Republic" are biased by partisanship. This mis-direction has now replaced the issue of truth or lies that started the discussion. It means that readers of "The New Republic" will never be told that the original articles were lies. "The New Republic" lies and then lies about their lies.

How can anyone ever take them seriously again?


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