Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Farewell To Rove

by Bill Murchison - August 14th, 2007 - Townhall.com

What? Karl Rove leaving the George Bush White House? I read the words; I can't digest them. Going home to Texas to write a book and, not only that, leaving politics altogether? So he announces. We'll see.

Some of Karl Rove's legacy is a direction in politics that is going to prove the biggest challenge of the next generation. That legacy is the growing hatred among all in politics that Michelle Malkin calls "unhinged". Rove defenders act like that hate is not earned by Rove's own actions. There is an element of truth to that.

Some of the hatred between the parties predates Rove. The vicious attempt to criminalize everyone in the Bush administration for "outing" Valerie Plame will fester for years. She was not "outed" as a part of any plan by Rove. She was "outed" because her husband had the audacity to lie and claim he, a democrat operative, was sent to Africa at the behest of the Vice President, Dick Cheney. The response included spreading the truth that Wilson was sent to Africa by his wife. However the hate over Fitzgerald's attempt to criminalize the rational defense of Republican actions which resulted from Wilson's false charge has not run its course.

Nixon may have been wrong in Watergate but the Democrat attempt to smear every Republican with criminality left a legacy that led directly to the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Clinton was a liar and a perjurer. Clinton lost his law license and will never get it back. However his actions would not have led to impeachment except for the passionate determination of many Republicans to get even for Democrat excesses in Watergate. However to keep him from being convicted of the impeachment charges, Democrats defended truly contemptible actions. It is amusing to see how little they recognize the contempt that Republicans hold for their defense of Clinton's criminality. Democrats cannot seem to appreciate how Republicans view their wallowing in Clinton's sliminess by defending it.

Democrats may view the persecution of Libby and their attempt to persecute Rove as just retaliation for Clinton. It is not viewed that way by Republicans. It is proof that Democrats don't care about fair play or morality. It is proof they defend the slimy Clinton and are willing to continue the pattern that started in Watergate of criminalizing being Republican. The next round of payback will simply be another escalation in this war. It is starting to concern some of us that the escalations seem to be leading inexorably to the ultimate escalation, civil war.

However the best thing going for the Democrats right now is the internal war that Rove and Bush have started within the Republican Party base. Leading a party that was on a path of growth, they have used that growing political power for their own purposes and then spit on the principles that were driving the growth. The growth collapsed and Republicans are in disarray. Rove does not see this as his fault.

Freedom from government control and opposition to socialism was replaced by Rove and Bush with the largest pandering to pork that the nation has ever seen, creation of a new socialized medicine welfare entitlement for drugs, and a campaign to turn the Republican Party over to illegal immigrants.

The desire by many illegal immigrants to take California out of our nation and return it to Mexico is simply ignored. The damage to American citizens by giving away jobs to people who have no right to be here is aggravated by the arrogant claim that they are "jobs Americans will not do". When your job has been taken by an illegal alien immigrant, how can you ever forgive someone who insults you with such a statement to defend their actions in helping take your job? Rove will forever be despised by a huge percentage of Americans and an even larger percentage of Republicans.

The claim Rove makes that he is getting out of politics is amusing. He is so polarizing that few in the Republican party would hire him no matter what his talent. It will be interesting to see the reaction to his book. If he simply tries to defend his legacy, I doubt he will impress many, or even sell many books. However Rove is a smart man. He could come up with something that rocked our world if he repudiated the Bush legacy on pandering for pork, socialized medicine and amnesty for illegals. I don't see that happening based on Rove's rejection of these being any factor in the 2006 election debacle.

That said, you have to give Bush (and thus Rove) credit for the success in establishing a strong economy. It is the one clear legacy that is a direct result of actions and policies that they pursued with great vigor.


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