Friday, November 23, 2007

Lessons In Holiday Dining With Liberals

by Larry Elder - November 22nd, 2007 -

. . . laws prohibit interstate health insurance sales, preventing people in state A from getting medical insurance from a company in state B? According to The Wall Street Journal in 2005, "eHealthInsurance compared the cost of a standard family insurance policy ($2,000 deductible with a 20 percent co-insurance) across that nation. (A) non-employer-based family policy for four in Kansas City, Missouri, costs about $170 per month, while similar coverage in Boston tops more than $750 a month." Why? Most states mandate the type of services that must be covered -- podiatrists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, etc. -- whether the patient wants it included or not.

Some states force insurers to sell to all applicants at the same price, regardless of their age or health. The result? "Faced with higher premiums for insurance they seldom use, the young and healthy drop their coverage, leaving an insurance pool of older, sicker people -- and even higher premiums. After a decade of such political meddling, the average monthly cost of a family policy in New Jersey bests the monthly lease of a Ferrari."

Socialized medicine is what we have in America. It is the reason our health system is broken and gets worse every year. It may not be as socialized as Canada, but it is socialized and getting more so. When even the radical right wing extremist Bill O'Reilly thinks that more socialism in health care is the answer, it is clear what the problem is. Our populace has gone insane and cannot apply even basic principals to a problem where a person's interests get in the way.

Socialism never works. It always has these grandiose magnanimous goals. However since it is always an evil system, trying to tell people how they must live by enslaving some to the greed of others, it always becomes corrupt and then fails. It does not work this time because you really - really - really want it to. Wishful thinking is the sign of a child . . . or an idiot.

As Larry Elder points out, the courts and the legislatures have screwed up health care because everyone wants health care to be a "right". Making it a "right" does not solve the problem. It simply accelerates the move down the "Road to Serfdom". Oh wait. Didn't a genius called Frederick Hayek write a book by that name three generations ago explaining why socialism never works?

Socialism never works. Good writers like Larry Elder can explain it, but everyone in America, even so called right wing extremists like Bill O'Reilly, can still put their hands over their ears and drone on, "Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah . . . I can't hear you." The greed of would be socialists, "I want what I want and I will not be told I can't get it," always means that government tries to provide it. As always they provide it by sending goons with guns. Of course they always send some well meaning bureaucrat first, and since he sees his request as being reasonable, if you resist they see you as the bad guy. The goon is not there to enslave you but to punish you for your resistance to something good. How dare you resist. Can't you see the good that will come from you bowing down to the bureaucrat?

Health care is becoming the foot in the door for the socialists. Even George W. Bush and a major part of the Republican Party has fallen for this scheme. It still always fails because it is always evil and it always results in corruption. Wanting it to work does not make it work. It just makes you part of the problem.


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