Saturday, December 08, 2007

Dean Stephens For U.S. Congress

Dean Stephens announces his candidacy to represent the Republican Party for the U.S. Congress, North Carolina, First District.

There is a significant need to change the direction of our nation. The American people are unhappy with the partisan war over every issue that comes up, especially the key issues of education, border security and national freedom. The demand for more government by Democrats and less goverenment by Republicans is a distraction. There is no reason this partisan war cannot be replaced by agreement to seek Effective Government instead.

Our public education system is failing the poor and ending chances for those who have always benefitted most from the American Dream.

Our culture and langauage are under attack from a new type of immigrant invader who demands that we make room for them whether they are here legally or not, taking the opportunity and jobs that belong to our citizens.

A world wide Islamo-fascist movement, fed by injustice of the dictatorships of the middle east yet funded by these same dictatorships, has set as its goal the destruction of western culture and our freedom. It is fueled by religious dogma that is not amenable to discussion but demands capitulation and worship of Allah.

Our local congressional leadership with its one party rule is failing the people of the First District on these and many other interests. We need a new beginning. Just as socialism has failed in every country where it has been tried, the socialist domination of our region has failed the people of the Inner Banks.

We need a new beginning based on hope promised by the American Dream.

More information on Dean's positions on issues may be found on the campaign web site

Any questions may be directed to the campaign by calling (252) 325-3125 or emailing


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