Friday, November 30, 2007

The YouTube Debacle

Editorial - November 30th, 2007 - New York Post

Wednesday night's CNN/YouTube de bate was barely over before the net work was forced to make an embarrassing admission: One of its supposedly disinterested questioners, retired gay Army officer Keith Kerr, has an official position with the Hillary Clinton campaign.


There's more.

Within hours, resourceful bloggers had uncovered the even more embarrassing fact that at least three others who'd been selected to grill the Republican presidential hopefuls had all declared, in various online forums, that they're backing Democratic candidates. (Michelle Malkin has the details . . . )

Literally everyone in Republican circles is pointing out the outrage democrats would be expressing if Republicans had infiltrated the audience at a democrat debate. The duplicity is the reaction by democrats of; "Oh don't make such a big deal of this, the candidates didn't know." I worked in democrat campaigns (back in my youth) and the attitude that anything goes to win is certainly a major cause of these actions. The lack of concern for propriety by democrats is not unexpected. And in addition THEY DID KNOW! You can bet on it. You can also bet on the fact that democrats think it is funny. If Republicans did it to them now THAT would be outrageous. But done to a Republican? Just funny. No big deal. Lets

Once again the duplicity and double standard of democrats (or liberals or progressives or socialists or whatever they call themselves today) is out there for all to see. The blatant bias of CNN (jokingly referred to by many as the Communist News Network) also continues unabated. Questioners in the democrat YouTube debate were clearly asking softball questions allowing the candidates to state their best answers. Questioners in the Republican YouTube debate were ALL asking hardball questions that are related to the democrat attack points against conservatives. Not a single question was included about the state of the war, the strength of the economy, or popular positions such as the debate about "one nation under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance. Such bias is not tolerable from a TV network that has any pretense to objectivity. CNN doesn't.

What is truly funny is that CNN edited out Kerr, the Clinton plant, from the rebroadcast of their show. However they did not edit out the others that Michelle Malkin has identified on her web site. The list is now up to SEVEN of the CNN/YouTube questioners as plants!!! Michelle Malkin is now referring to this as the horticulture debates, with the questioners all being "plants".



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