Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Nation Of Dim Bulbs

Environmentalists Abuse Eastern North Carolina.

Do you use a light bulb to keep your well house from freezing? A huge number of rural residents in Eastern North Carolina do. Environmentalists just decided you need to spend a fortune for a heater as the light bulbs that warm your well house were just banned!

And with all of the concern about mercury, environmentalists just decided that mercury is not that big a deal if they want mercury in your home. The new lights you will have to buy for your home are based on mercury and under careless handling can kill your kids. If a bulb breaks you have to open the windows and leave the house or mercury poisoning is almost certain. This article trys to blame passage of the bill on George Bush (You know everything is his fault!) but in reality it is the socialist agenda of democrat special interest groups that got this passed.

Thank you democrats.

by Andrew Ferguson - December 31st, 2007 (Publicantion Date) - The Weekly Standard

American environmental groups have long called for an outright national ban on the old-fashioned bulbs. But then they came to the realization, as a spokesman for the Natural Resources Defense Council told the New York Times this spring, that such a ban might "anger consumers." "We've given up a sound bite, 'ban the incandescent,'" the spokesman said.

People wonder why I am so outraged at our cavalier willingness to tolerate the tyranny of the democrat party socialist agenda. This is a great example. Many people's lives will be harmed by this nonsense. Enviromentalists have actually tried to have laws passed making the manufacturer of a standard light bulb a crime. They finally settled on a stealth process of "standards" to accomplish secretly what they could not get people to support . . . . since what they want is so stupid.

Tyranny comes in many flavors and this is one of the small but critcal examples of the evil that creeps into life when democrat pressure groups get their way.


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