Thursday, January 03, 2008

Angry Old Man

by Quin Hillyer - January 3rd, 2008 - The American Spectator

As truly horrific as it would be for the liberal and unethical Mike Huckabee to win the Republican presidential nomination, many Republicans still believe it would be almost as difficult to stomach the nomination of John McCain.

Huckabee, of course, would utterly destroy the old Reagan
coalition, as even his campaign chief Ed Rollins has acknowledged. Huckabee's bizarre propensity for letting criminals return early to freedom, combined with his utter cluelessness about foreign policy, also means that he would get absolutely crushed by the Democrats in a general election contest.


. . . . McCain seems almost constitutionally unable to disagree without being disagreeable. When he disagrees with somebody on just about any issue, he gives the sense of being so angry that he is having trouble not jumping out of his own skin to wring the other person's neck.

John McCain is not just angry. He is not very intelligent. There is a reason he finished at the bottom of his class in the Naval Academy. He does not understand the Constitution, and with McCain-Feingold, he aligned himself with one of the more openly socialist members of the Senate to destroy freedom of speech in defense of incumbency! Sensing his inferior intelligence may be one reason he gets so angry.

The article about the Reagan coalition
here is important to our current situation in politics. It may have appeared in the New York Times; it may even appear to be encouraging the Republicans to disintegrate; but it is important that Republicans start talking with each other if we are going to remember how much we agree on rather than how much we disagree on. Disagreement is what both McCain and Huckabee seem so intent on fostering.


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