Thursday, January 03, 2008

Huckabee Takes Iowa

by David Schoetz - January 3rd, 2008 - ABC News

Ed Rollins, Huckabee's campaign chair and a former Reagan advisor who as recently as yesterday was quoted as saying h[e] wanted to kick Romney's teeth out, made a direct comparison between the Obama and Huckabee victories.

"Oh, absolutely," Rollins told ABC News when asked about the two victories. "People in this part of the country want change. They want change."

The stock market is near record highs, we have the greatest number of people working in history, inflation is low, we are winning the war in the major fronts . . . . and the people of Iowa want change? What change do they want, recession, no jobs, high inflation and American defeat?

Huckabee is a socialist who espouses populist rhetoric, much like the former evangelist Pat Robertson, who by the way finished in second in Iowa when he ran, also a stunning surprise at the time. However Robertson got little notice thereafter.

Huckabee is an argument that the evangelicals in the Republican Party are not social conservatives at all. There is nothing conservative about Huckabee's socialist message. Except for the lack of morality of the democrat party, Huckabee could clearly belong there. For sure he does not belong in the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan. He is advocating an economic system that is tyrannical. What part of his message equates to "conservative"?

In fact what part of his message really equates to evangelical. The evangelicals have suffered huge discrimination by our public schools and their unions, and yet Huckabee is so popular with the unions that the NEA has endorsed him.

Huckabee has displayed an ignorance about the war against the Islamo-fascists that borders on incompetence. Evangelicals might want to consider that if we lose this war they will have to convert to Islam or be beheaded. Certainly that might put a small crimp in their religious plans.

It is possible that there will still have to be a major realignment in parties because the Republican Party does not appear to have finished imploding. Huckabee's showing in Iowa is not a good sign. My optimism of earlier in the day did not prepare me for this big a victory for a socialist running as a Republican.


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