Sunday, February 03, 2008

Berkeley Mayor - Free Speech Thief

Press Release - February 2nd, 2008 - Move America Forward

Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates, convicted of stealing 1,000 free newspapers [for endorsing his opponent] from the Daily Californian newsstands in 2002, is at it again.

The Mayor is attempting to steal the free speech rights of the United States Marine Corps by harassing the recruiting center into abandoning its lease.

Move America Forward has launched a petition drive denouncing the Mayor and the Council, while demanding an apology to the USMC at its website

There is a war going on in America between the extreme left (who control the democrat party) and those who are patriots. The left are NOT patriots . . . they hate America, hate our troops, hate free enterprise and hate your family if you go to church. This is not exaggeration. The idea that a city would dedicate itself to shutting down a Marine recruiting station because they so badly want to end the war against the Islamo-fascists cannot be dismissed. This is a serious and organized attempt by the left to dictate surrender to our nation.

It is ironic that they started this backed effort in the same week that endorsed Barack Obama. I wonder if anyone is going to ask Obama why his supporters hate our military with such venomous enthusiasm.


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