Monday, February 25, 2008

The Fierce Urgency Of Lies

By Lance Fairchok - February 25TH, 2008 - American Thinker

Grown men weep in his presence, women faint, and thousands scream his name like a rock star. The liberal press prints glowing tributes to their new progressive prophet, calling him "the triumph of word over flesh" and other absurd and profoundly unwarranted accolades. Obama, a very junior Senator, will guide us to a Utopia that has yet to be defined, an America that the left envisions but cannot quantify; but rest assured it will be swell.


What we hear from Obama is the eternal mantra of the socialists; America is broken, millions have no health care, families cannot afford necessities, the rich are evil, we are selfish, we are unhappy, unfulfilled, without hope, desperate, poverty stricken, morally desolate, corrupt and racist. This nihilism is the lifeblood of all the democrat candidates, even "hope you can believe in" performers like Obama.

Actual America is a completely different place. America is the place that the world is fighting to get into . . . not the depressing picture that Obama paints. Other nations put up walls to keep their people in. We are concerned with walls to keep out the huge number clamoring to get in. Obama translates that into a need to take care of any who want to come. Any anecdotal evidence of a perceived wrong is magnified and turned into an obligation to have the American taxpayer (you know . . . that rich white guy everyone hates) pay to fix the problem and also pay to have a bureaucrat watch him intensely to assure he does not wiggle out of his obligations.

Actual America is a place where half of those called "poor" own their homes. Three quarters own their cars. Nineteen out of twenty have Color TVs and Microwaves. Democrats talk about the forty one million who don't have health insurance, including nine million children. They never mention that six million of the children are eligible for health insurance now and their parents are simply too lazy to fill out the paperwork that would get them free coverage. The parents know that if anything happens they can go to the local emergency room and it will be covered for free, so why bother filling out papers?

We have repeatedly created "entitlement" programs that are justified as a helping hand to the needy. The programs are immediately turned into a free ride for the greedy.

That is not the message Obama sends. He is going to "bring us together" in a great bi-partisan epiphany. Sounds great? He is really going to take the money of those who have it, the "rich", and spread more money around in free rides for the greedy through stupid rules and incompetent bureaucracies. His definition of rich is a real surprise to those who are going to be taxed.

That is the reality of what he promises.


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