Saturday, May 03, 2008

London Falls . . .

. . . as Gordon Brown bloodied in May Day election massacre.

by Philip Webster - May 3rd, 2008 - London Times

Boris Johnson sealed a nightmarish first electoral test for Gordon Brown, surging to a hugely symbolic victory for the Conservatives in London.

Mr Johnson claimed the largest prize of a triumphant day for David Cameron by ending Ken Livingstone’s eight-year reign as London Mayor. He said that he did not believe that his victory meant that London was a Conservative city, but pledged to work “flat out” to earn the trust of those who doubted his capability and commitment to the job.

Mr Livingstone, fighting back tears, said that the fault for his defeat was entirely his own.

Mr Brown suffered humilation across the country as the party lost an astonishing 331 seats. It was Labour’s worst election night for 40 years, leaving its local government and campaigning base severely weakened and ministers fearing for their survival at the next general election.

Think there is no prejudice shown by the staff of the London Times, calling an election victory by conservatives, a "massacre"?

The way politics works I don't think that the socialists in the Labor Party of England are really headed for the dustbin of history, but it is interesting how again and again socialist parties around the world are regularly thrown out of office when they grind their economy into failure.

Then again, what else does anyone expect socialists to do but destroy the economy?

Democrats here in America keep insisting that their anti-American socialist compatriots in other countries all hate America. Now however, we have had several years of anti-American governments being thrown out by their voters and replaced with people who appreciate America. Amazingly, Al Gore still talks daily about gaining the respect of nations . . . who have thrown out the leaders he seeks respect from and replaced them with people who support our efforts. Since the 2004 elections the people in Germany, Canada, France, Italy and now the United Kingdom have all switched their governments to pro-American.

The reality is that there is a global socialist movement and the leaders of the American Democrat Party are total adherents to this movement. They think that socialism is winning and are flabbergasted when losses to conservatives, here or abroad, prove that the world has not yet abandoned the concepts of free enterprise and individual freedom.


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