Friday, May 23, 2008

Post-Christian America

by Patrick Buchanan - May 23rd, 2008 -

We are supposed to be a self-governing people. "Here, sir, the people rule." Elected representatives write our laws.

Yet, no Congress or state legislature ever voted to declare homosexual unions a marriage. The idea has everywhere been rejected. Wherever it has been on the ballot, same-sex marriage has been voted down.

It is curious how gullible some Americans have become.

Planned Parenthood continues its quiet dedication to genocide against black people, while blacks vote 90% for the same party which is committed to the planned parenthood organization and enables their goal to eliminate blacks through abortion.

Numerous Christians back the Democrat Party while that party is dedicated to the Marxist belief their religion must be ended. How can anyone who believes the bible be a member of the party which is dedicated to same sex marriage?

Neither blacks nor Christians in the Democrat Party can see the incredible conflict between their support for this party and its actual goals. Why is that?


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