Tuesday, May 20, 2008

KGB Letter Outlines Sen. Kennedy's Overtures to Soviets, Prof Says

by Kevin Mooney - October 20th, 2006 - CNSNews.com

The antipathy that congressional Democrats have today toward President George W. Bush is reminiscent of their distrust of President Ronald Reagan during the Cold War, a political science professor says.

"We see some of the same sentiments today, in that some Democrats see the Republican president as being a threat and the true obstacle to peace, instead of seeing our enemies as the true danger," said Paul Kengor, a political science professor at Grove City College and the author of new book, "The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism."

In his book, which came out this week, Kengor focuses on a KGB letter written at the height of the Cold War that shows that Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) offered to assist Soviet leaders in formulating a public relations strategy to counter President Reagan's foreign policy and to complicate his re-election efforts.

While everyone else offers condolences to Ted Kennedy, I think this episode should remind people how arrogant he was. Helping our enemies frustrate the President (Ronald Reagan) who was overwhelmingly elected and legally charged with setting our foreign policy is not what our politics is supposed to be. Democrats see that as okay. In reality . . . it is, was and always will be treason. However treason is meaningless in modern America. Based on modern Democrat rules, Benedict Arnold was not a traitor. Like John Kerry he served in the military and thus to Democrats, cannot be a traitor no matter what he latter does.

Ted Kennedy never served in the military, yet you will never find a Democrat who does not think it perfectly okay for Kennedy to reach out to the soviets to try and defeat the elected President by subverting his foreign policy. If this is not treason, nothing is.

However Kennedy got away with manslaughter when he was younger and merely rich, so who is surprised he does not think laws like treason do not apply to him. He has used his wealth to remain important and powerful while violating some of our most important laws. I find it difficult to summon compassion for this arrogant self righteous drunk.

Update 1:39 PM - It was just announced on Fox News that the medical problem for Ted Kennedy is a malignant Glioma, a very serious cancer of the brain.

Of course everyone is going out of their way to say nice things about Kennedy, but I want to remind them of what he really was like. Ted Kennedy is never nice to those he hates. Yes hates is the correct word. That includes anyone who is not a liberal or socialist, but he has been particularly vicious and virulent against George Bush. Within days of working with Bush on No Child Left Behind and the new Medicare Drug Benefit, Kennedy used the following terms to excoriate Bush, "mislead, deceive, smear the character, cynical, despicable, a fraud, a radical, ridiculous, blunder after blunder, outrageous, shameful, put politics above our troops." He actually said at one point that Bush's behavior was "despicable but might not be treason".

It is typical that everyone will be oh so nice to this evil man while he is in the hospital and having health problems. However I don't ever recall Kennedy being kind to Republicans he has hated. Why can't we treat Kennedy the same way he treated Nixon's death. Isn't that fair?


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