Thursday, May 08, 2008

What Do I See As Important?

In the aftermath of this year's primary battles, I have spent the last couple of days thinking about what is important for our nation in moving forward. Milestones are always an important time to regain perspective. Certainly I was not pleased with what happened in the primaries and I believe it is important to understand why things are not going well for my State and Nation.

I believe in democratic selection of our representatives. However it concerns me that here in North Carolina, the Democrat Party has used its power to overturn the reality that Republicans get the most votes. They have so gerrymandered legislative districts that Democrats control government despite losing the elections. How is that democracy? That, along with the abandonment of party principals by Republican leadership in Washington, has left Republicans dispirited. This year, Republican voters stayed home in droves. We are coming closer and closer to one party rule in America . . . and that party is socialist.

In response to the primary results, these are a few of my thoughts on what our nation needs to focus on for the future.

I still believe that education is the most important issue, long term, for our nation to deal wih. Our kids are getting inconsistent education results that are politically biased. A few wealthy and some middle class children are getting a good education. Most poor kids and some middle class are getting a terrible education. The result is a widening job success gap that robs our nation of its heritage of equality. However even the best educated in our nation are coming out of our schools ignorant of some of the key philosophies they need to deal with life successfully. Socialism has always been around in the world. Socialism is not new, other than by name, and it has always failed to deliver national wealth. Today, the vast majority of our teachers believe in socialism anyway. Our schools have been politicized beyond belief into secular institutions that advocate a failed economic system while expressing hostility to our Judeo-Christian roots. As a result our children have become blase about this tyranny to the point that the young, even in the Republican Party, see nothing wrong with socialism. This may well be the undoing of our nation.

Short term, there is no issue more important than energy. We have a quasi religion going around insisting that man is causing global warming, or global cooling, or climate change, or something . . . They can't make up their minds.
(Some of their "Wild Predictions" here.) However enviro-extremists (Al Gore in their lead) are sure that the solution is to give them the political power to run our nation. The want to stop us from using cheap energy, specifically petroleum and nuclear. They use fear of DISASTER as the motivation to let them take control with their chicken little predictions.

However the only disaster is if they are given control. Man is not causing global warming. Man's contributions to greenhouse gases is trivial. Greenhouse gases have gone up significantly the last 10 years while the temperatures have remained stable. This is in complete contradiction to all the enviro-extremist temperature models that claim man is causing the Earth to get warmer. How many times do these people have to get it wrong before their lunacy is recognized and accepted? We need energy and it needs to be the least expensive energy possible. We must abandon the idiocy of biofuels that is driving world food prices up and resulting in starvation in poor countries. (Why is his support for biofuels not reason enough to denounce Al Gore?) Alternative energy has value only to the extent it is cost effective in keeping air pollution under control. Start drilling now. Start building nuclear power plants now.

Protecting our borders has to be the most compelling long term and short term fight we face. Our culture is under attack from the failed economies of Hispanic nations to the South. They have two motivations to invade us. One is economic. The other is cultural. In both cases the result is an unofficial invasion that is supported by governments to the South. Pretending these governments are not actively, if covertly, supporting the invasion is myopic. These Hispanic nations, with Mexico at the front, believe that their country's failures are our fault because 150 years ago the expansion of our nation resulted in areas, that were ruled by Spain at the time, to become part of our nation. This has been interpreted as "stealing" these areas from nations that did not come into existence until later. Radical Islam, which I call Islamo-fascism, is using us as the primary focus of their goal to become rulers of the world under a restored Caliphate. We are their bogeyman because we are currently the strongest nation on earth and they feel buying oil form the rulers of their nations make us responsible for their flaws. The two cultural invasions, along with the global socialist movement to subvert free enterprise, have left America in a position of vulnerability. We are under attack and we better start to resist all three global movements. Otherwise, like Rome, we will cease to exist.

Court corruption will destroy our nation if Judges continue using the pretense they have found hidden rights in the Constitution to rule as they wish to exempt certain issues from the legislative process. Roe v. Wade is critical to our nation, not because it has resulted in clear errors such as "partial birth abortion", but because it institutionalized "the rule of judges". This process, "the rule of judges", is subverting respect for the courts. "The rule of law" (and respect for it) is critical to survival of a representative democracy such as ours. When the people do not believe they can get justice from government, they work to subvert the way government works in order to get the justice they expect. Democrats are arguing that undoing their politicizing of the courts is politicizing the courts. This is a bizarre argument.

The basis of the power of America is individual freedom. However the problems we are currently facing are aggravated by the reality that individual freedom is being suppressed in favor of some supposedly greater good. When America is no longer free, she will no longer be a great nation. It is likely to result in the disintegration of our nation in the process too.

Is that our future?


At 5:09 PM, Blogger Jeremy said...

Quick comment about "Republicans staying home in droves."

While it may be true that many Republicans stayed home, keep in mind that the GOP White House nomination was/is already wrapped up. The only thing GOPers really got to vote on was state and local level races. Here in ENC, I was surprised that McCrory won the GOP Gubernatorial nomination. I hadn't really seen much advertising from him until about 3 weeks before the primary.

all for now.

At 9:56 PM, Blogger Dean Stephens said...

That was the meaning of my comment. We live in a society where the bulk of our government power over people's lives is at the state and local levels. Republicans, who ought to know better, usually don't take anything below the federal level serious. As a result, most state and local governments are dominated by socialist leaning elected officials that are put there because Republiicans sit on their duffs and don't vote, just as they did this election here in NC.


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