Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Why The Dems Could Lose

by Steve and Cokie Roberts - May 6th, 2008 - Jewish World Review

Since Feb. 19, seven states have voted. Clinton has won four — Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island —building up a popular-vote margin of 483,000. Yet her total gain in delegates was exactly five. In Texas, she won by more than 100,000 votes, but because of that state's ridiculous rules, she actually came out five delegates behind.

Last night was a sad night for me. I was more pleased from a moral perspective with the results of the Democrat election than I was with Republican voting here in North Carolina. My main example? Rush Limbaugh is committing moral suicide with his "chaos" program to prolong the Democrat primary between Clinton and Obama. I thought Ronald Reagan taught us a lesson. Take the moral high ground and ultimately we win. How is it moral for Republicans to be sabotaging the primary of the Democrat Party? I am glad the attempt to spoil the Democrat selection process so clearly failed.

As far as messing up their process, it is noted by Steve and Cokie, the Democrats seem intent on doing themselves in without our help anyway. Because they are the party of government, they are really good at using anecdotal evidence to smear Republicans. We have handed them a doozy with "chaos". Even though it clearly had no impact, they will be using the unfairness of "chaos" to motivate and GOTV against us for years. Is this truly helpful?

As far as Republican voting, last night we allowed the selection of Republican candidates to be controlled by political consultants and advertising tricks. Pat McCrory, a late entry Gubernatorial candidate backed by party insiders, won the Governors contest by running massive ads against a man who had displayed a solid commitment to the principals of the party. Additional advertising by Bill Graham, a man who could not win the contest, swung last minute deciders to his camp in a hopeless cause also. How can we allow a man like Pat McCrory who has well over a decade of governing experience proving he does not share our values to defeat a man like Fred Smith who has shown he shares our values? Simple. Political consultants and their smear ads are influencing Republican primaries more than the principals of our movement. This does not bode well for the future of our party or the libertarian-conservative movement that Ronald Reagan espoused.

That was also proved when Republicans allowed John Tyson, a conservative Judge, to be defeated by TWO liberal Democrat Judges. In the fall, the seat will be contested by two DEMOCRATS.

Another example of the same insanity, the corrupt traitor who sabotaged Republican control of congress here in NC a few years back was elected by Republicans to be our candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction. Are Republican voters insane? Why and how can this man get elected to anything with Republican votes?

Even worse, Republicans will not open up their check book and back candidates of moral commitment to the overall principals of the party. Instead, contributions are based on single issue constituencies. That is for the paltry contributions we do provide. Democrats out raise Republicans around 4 to 1. Our process for deciding to contribute? Do you adhere exactly to the abortion agenda of the pro-life groups? Do you adhere exactly to the close the borders groups? This is the only basis for Republican contributions, and again as noted, they are paltry.

This has resulted in the Democrat candidates gaining a huge advantage. This money advantage wins a great number of races for Democrats, continuing the control of government that allows them to practice corrupt politics at will.

The article by the two Roberts quoted from above is another example in a long line of articles that really makes it clear, for Democrats, the party of government, it is all about controlling government. Republicans seem to make it pretty clear, they are not willing to do anything to end that control.

I am not sure I agree with Steve and Cokie's fears. The Dems will not lose if John McCain wins. He is closer to the Democrat Party principals than he is to Republican Party principals anyway. Republicans are losing.


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