Monday, May 05, 2008

Stupidity Foils The Black Prince

by Paul Sheehan - May 5th, 2008 - The Sydney Herald

This column is about stupid black men, a sub-group now in the process of undermining the first ever realistic and galvanising tilt for the White House by an African-American.

Such a statement could not be made by someone here in America without there being an immediate poltically correct assault on the person denouncing them as racist. They would be driven from public life. The rest of this article would never be read. The race baiting hate mongers of the Democrat Party would make sure the point of the article would be subsumed in a tidal wave of denuciation.

What is the article about? It lists comments by conservative blacks talking about the reality of the Obama phenomenon. They are comments that blacks and whites in America need to be discussing intelligently. Instead, the comments are ignored, and the dialog is dominated by people such as Howard Dean who loudly proclaims that to even bring up the names of left wing fanatics such as Jermiah Wright, or Bill Ayers, or Rashid Khalidi, or corrupt enablers such as Tony Rezko, constitutes race baiting. Even if you accuse Obama of being a socialist, his defenders insist that charge is race baiting.

That is the reality of political dialog in America today. Barack Obama is immune from the same open dialog that everyone else running for President is subject to.

This article is a must read for anyone who truly wants to understand, not just the current political campaign, but the state of race relations in America today. You will read intelligent voices rarely permitted to be heard by our MSM.


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