Monday, June 02, 2008

Matt Drudge: The GOP’s Unreliable Ally

by & - June 2nd, 2008 - Politico

Matt Drudge has upended the conventional wisdom that he and his powerful online vehicle are stalwarts of the conservative message machine.

After skewering Al Gore and lampooning John Kerry, he’s emerged as an unreliable ally for the GOP, while trumpeting Obama’s victories and overlooking his scandals.

“It’s clear to us that Barack Obama has won the Drudge Primary, and its one of the most important primaries in this process,” conceded a senior Clinton aide, who also acknowledged that Drudge’s treatment of Obama could also make the Illinois senator more electable in November.

It is ironic that so few Republican leaders seem to understand what is happening in the world. At a time whem more and more independents and Republicans are, like Ronald Reagan, libertarian in their philosphy, the Repubican leadership rejects libertarians as RINOs.

Now it is proving true that even some of the so-called "conservative" press that have long rejected the socialist and progressive domination of the Democrats, are not really conservative. They are actually are populists. Matt Drudge is one of these. Bill O'Reilly is another.

No one knows what Republcans stand for. There is no common message that is expessed with anything like the consistency needed for the libertarian and populist independents, much less the conservative Democrats, to commit to the Republican brand.

Obama is new and that fascination is attractig a great number of supporters who will find at some point the buyers remose of realizing just how far from their values Obama really is. However that is likely to be after he is President, not during the campaign.

Drudge is leading the pack of libertarians who will never forgive John McCain for his stupid opposition to free speech.


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