Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rev. Jackson, The Fat Lady Is Singing

by Larry Elder - July 17th, 2008 -

Jackson, and his race-card-waving cohorts, derive stature, power, significance and self-enrichment by claiming that racism remains a serious problem in America. After complaining about the lack of minority beer distributorships, for example, Jackson's sons ended up with a lucrative Anheuser-Busch distributorship in Chicago. Author Kenneth Timmerman, in his book "Shakedown," describes the Jackson modus operandi -- playing the race card for self-enrichment, as well as that of friends and family.

Rather than display pleasure at America's obvious progress, or pride in his role in getting us there, the anachronistic Jackson now morphs into a shrinking, petulant, self-pitying "leader" -- with little left to lead.

That only leaves the question, where does Jackson, or for that matter Barack Obama, have to lead America?

Slavery was an evil institution that was opposed by many who founded this nation. However in a compromise that our nation paid a huge price to overcome, it was tolerated in a portion of the states that fought the revolution to win our freedom and create this new form of government based on individual liberty.

One price? To end slavery and preserve the nation, 360,00 Union troops died in the civil war that resulted. Twelve times that many suffered injury, like most war injuries causing lifetime debilitation. The vast majority of these millions of injured and dead were young white men who were dedicated to the cause of ending slavery. At one period of the war, an amazing 30,000 in one month had their enlistments expire. They could have gone home. However they were so dedicated to the cause of ending slavery that like the soldiers in Iraq they re-enlisted in droves, thereby preserving the union. Yet today many of the descendants of the slaves that were freed by their sacrifice and death demand reparations from the descendants of the men who freed them. This is the insanity of race relations today.

The institutional discrimination that was practiced against the freed slaves by some of those governments in the states where slavery formerly existed was ultimately ended in the middle of the last century. It was primarily ended by the efforts of the same party that argued to try and end slavery a century before by politics. It then fought the actual war to end slavery when the slave states seceded. Richard Nixon, a Republican, even invented something called Affirmative Action as a "temporary" way to accelerate equal opportunity after the years of legal discrimination by Democrats. The party of freedom is the Republican Party. That is also the party that American blacks almost universally revile today because it does not embrace institutional preferences on behalf of blacks which are nearly as evil and pernicious against individual white males as the Jim Crow legal discrimination once inflicted on the former slaves.

Jesse Jackson does not tolerate anyone, whether Bill Cosby or Barack Obama, daring to imply all the problems of blacks are not caused by honkies, whitey, those evil bogeymen that Jackson has used to extort riches for himself and his family. For Obama daring to suggest that these honkies (a word Jackson regularly uses in private conversation) are not the sole cause of black problems, Jackson ripped into Obama privately with the following:

"Barack, he's talking down to black people . . . " said Jackson. "I want to cut his nuts off . . . telling ni##ers how to behave."


Jackson accused Obama of "acting like he's white."

Jackson has called New York City "Hymietown", a racist comment against Jews indicative of his general hostility against anyone but blacks.

The reality is that blacks in America are jealous of their legal superiority and sneer at any who are outraged . . . or even critical.

A clear reason that many are imputing to Barack Obama the ability to heal race relations is that many are tired of this 13% minority in America being the constant focus of attention by our government. We are tired of everything being about race. Everyone has challenges. Everyone, even whites, face discrimination and hardships growing up. Blacks get special laws that protect them even when they are rich. The son of a rich black man gets legal advantages over the son of a poor white man. Blacks who have voluntarily come to this country in the last 20 years as immigrants get special rights superior to whites who are born here as citizens. And Jesse Jackson defends this outrage.

Because he is a Marxist I believe the election of Barack Obama is going to be bad for America. However it will without question cause one good outcome. The legal discrimination of affirmative action will be ended almost immediately. If a member of this 13% minority can be elected President, there can be no Justice in continuing the hate inducing legal preference which affirmative action grants to blacks. We can tell the race baiters like Jesse Jackson to shut up and end their extortion racket against whites. I welcome that.


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