Friday, October 31, 2008

A Psychologist Helps
Repackage Democrats' Message

by Shaila Dewan and Robbie Brown - October 30th, 2008 - International Herald Tribune (New York Times International Edition)

Democrats up and down the ballot have been trying to reverse the Republican rhetorical dominance that made "liberal" an unsavory label, and many have found help in a slender document percolating through their party's hierarchy.

It is called the "Message Handbook for Progressives From Left to Center," and, along with a companion piece on health care, it was created by Drew Westen, a psychology professor at Emory University here who was virtually unknown in political circles before this election cycle. Several Democratic consultants say it is the first systematic, data-driven effort to mold the language of the left to fit the sensibilities of the center.

In other words, it is not that people dislike having government bureaucrats tell them how to live their lives, it is that you must not flaunt that intention in your campaign rhetoric. Does anyone remember the famous speech by Barack Obama about "just words"?

This article points out the really sad part. This entire campaign has come down to the concept that liberals (i.e. socialists) have not changed their goals. They have just changed their rhetoric. The question of greatest urgency? Is that enough to get the votes of people who would be offended if the goals were clearly stated.

Don't forget that Barack Obama insisted his desire to "redistribute the wealth" did not mean socialism. When caught clearly explaining his true goals he still made sure that the "label" was not the one that connoted his evil intentions, but the rhetoric of benign "goodness". Just words. However the liberals and socialists on the left are determined to blur your perception of intent. They do not intend the evil unintended consequences that socialism always delivers, therefore they cannot be blamed when those evil consequences occur. Does that make sense to you?

Democrats are outraged when America makes it legal to listen to phone calls of terrorists who want to destroy America, but they stand idly by when Democrats illegally research the private records of "Joe the Plumber" for the dastardly act of not buying Obama's rhetoric. Want to know how evil a Barack Obama Presidency will be? Simply look at the evil actions of Obama supporters in their illegal attempts to destroy anyone who questions Obama's intentions.

If Obama wins, this nation will become a tyrannical state with a speed that will astonish the gullible voters who are gulled by the new psychologist based rhetoric.


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