Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Right To Win

by Thomas Sowell - November 18th, 2008 - Creators Syndicate

The worst of all the reactions from people who act as if they have a right to win have come from gay activists in the wake of voter rejection of so-called "gay marriage," which is to say, redefining what marriage has meant for centuries.

Blacks and Mormons have been the main targets of the gay activists' anger. Seventy percent of blacks voted against gay marriage in California, so racial epithets were hurled at blacks in Los Angeles — not in black neighborhoods, by the way.

Blacks who just happened to be driving through Westwood, near UCLA, were accosted in their cars and, in addition to being denounced, were warned, "You better watch your back."

Even blacks who were carrying signs in favor of gay marriage were denounced with racial epithets.

Amazingly, blacks voted in huge numbers for the political candidates who support this type of behavior. It is Democrats who believe in this view of "right to win", not Republicans.

As usual, Thomas Sowell has gotten to the heart of a real problem in America today. The real problem is that the only tolerance is on the part of Republicans who do not understand that this is a war for the heart and soul of our nation. The recent election was not a huge endorsement for Barack Obama. It was another election where Republicans didn't vote because things had gotten contentious and they blamed their own party rather than the party that started the war. That is two elections in a row now where Republicans in large numbers have simply not voted.

The solution of the Republican Party? Run out of the party anyone does not meet a litmus test of ideological purity. The real question is, as always, who is willing to fight for what they believe in? Thanks for reminding me Thomas!


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