Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Time For The Real Bush
To Stand Up

by Caroline Glick - November 25th, 2008 - Jerusalem Post

As Israel's failure to defeat Hizbullah in 2006, and as the US's championing of the UN ceasefire resolution which facilitated Hizbullah's takeover of Lebanon showed, neither Israel nor the US was willing to protect Lebanon's democrats. Today, with the forces of democracy defeated after Hizbullah's violent takeover of the government in May, rather than decry this state of affairs and work to undo it, Bush has chosen to deny it. And not only does he deny it, he exacerbates it. Bush welcomed the "stability" that Hizbullah's takeover has facilitated. And today he is arming the Hizbullah-dominated Lebanese army with tanks and other heavy arms. That is, in Lebanon, Bush has adopted the very same Faustian bargain he rejected in the aftermath of Sept. 11.

George W. Bush has pompously talked about capitalism while he has quietly subverted our free enterprise system. George W. Bush has talked about protecting our monetary system while he has repeatedly subverted our financial stability by printing money as fast as our system allows. George W. Bush has arrogantly proclaimed himself the stalwart fighter for the world's freedom and a champion of democracy while he has secretly abandoned our allies around the world, and especially in the middle east.

This article describes his legacy pretty well. He is not just a traitor to conservatives and to America, he is a traitor to his own views of the world which he started with and which now lie abandoned in tatters for the trade off of being liked. Check out his popularity ratings and tell me how you think that is working out.


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