Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Art Of The Impossible

by Thomas Sowell - December 31st, 2008 -

Many countries around the world already have government-run medical care. People who get sick in these countries usually wait much longer to get treatment, including months on waiting lists for surgery, often paying in pain or debilitation, rather than money.

When you read this article it becomes clear to anyone with a brain why socialism does not work. So why, you must ask, is it so popular with so many? As noted in the article, many actually believe that the impossible OUGHT to be possible, and they vote that way.

As long as the politicians can persuade people that they can vote to keep prices low without destroying quality and availability of the item in question, socialism will be tried. Since the unintended consequences CANNOT be avoided, the politicians (who are not stupid) know that they have to find a scapegoat for the actual consequences that will follow.

That scapegoat will always be "the rich" or "the white man" or "those conservatives". The problem is that many "rich" or "white" or "conservative" think if they go along, by feeding the alligator, then the alligator will eat them last. That is what we have become, a nation that is trying to postpone the problems we face so someone else down the road will solve them, maybe after we are gone. Few Americans will stand up and fight TODAY for the heritage our forefathers gave us!


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